3 Things I Have Missed About Thailand

As I have already mentioned, I am now living in Chaing Mai in the north of Thailand, which is second in size only to Bangkok.

There are many great things that I love about Thailand, such as the girls, the cost of living and the weather, for example. However it is the little things that I have missed since I was last here, which are as follows:

Electricity Sparks

One thing that I completely forgotten out was the electric sockets in Thailand. In western countries you take it for granted that nothing will happen when you plug something into a socket, but in Thailand you nearly always get some small sparks, which is always a bit of an adrenalin rush.

This can be pretty scary at first, but it’s completely normal in Thailand, and someone actually told me that this is a good sign because it means that the electricity is working normally.

The Smell

Another thing that instantly strikes you as you leave your room and head outside is the smell because this is very different to any other country that you may have visited.

Of course this smell is heavily influenced by the abundance of food that is available everywhere you go because there are restaurants and food carts wherever you look.

It’s also worth noting that this smell isn’t always that pleasant in some places, but it’s still one more thing I love about Thailand.

Friendliness Of Locals

The third and final thing I love about Thailand is that fact that everyone is so friendly towards you. Whenever you go into a bar, a shop or a restaurant, a member of staff will always greet you with a sawadee ka, but it will also be the same when you pass someone in the street, for example.

Even though many of the locals might not have a lot of money, they seem happy with their lot and are always friendly towards us foreigners. Of course there may well be some hostility at times, and there will always be people looking to rip you off (yes I’m talking about you tuk-tuk and taxi drivers), but by and large they really welcome you into their country.

So as I say, these are a few of the things that I have missed about Thailand since I was last here.