Fitness Options In Nimman And Chiang Mai

I am currently living in Nimman (short for Nimmanhaemin), which is a trendy area of Chiang Mai that is full of students and affluent young Thais, but today I want to discuss some of the fitness options that are available in both this area and the rest of Chiang Mai.


The most obvious way to fulfil all of your fitness requirements is to join one of the local gyms that are available. In Nimman you have Powerhouse Fitness Gym Center, for example, which is probably the best equipped and most professional gym. However it’s also the most expensive.

You have also have gyms in hotels such as Lotus Hotel and Kantary Hills Hotel, which are more reasonably priced, and I think that there are also gyms in some of the shopping centres, such as the Airport Plaza and Kad Suon Kaew Shopping Centre. So there are no shortage of options.

Home Gym Equipment

Exercise Spin-Bike Aerobic Fitness Training Spin CycleIf you are living in Thailand permanently on a retirement visa, for example, and have your own house or apartment, you also have the option of buying your own home fitness equipment.

You will find a range of different exercise machines at many of the large shopping centres in Chiang Mai, and they are generally cheaper than in western countries.

If you’re not sure which ones to buy, your best bet is to learn about some of the top spin bikes, or whatever fitness machine you wish to buy, and then see if you can find the same model in one of these stores.


Cycling is not necessarily the safest activity you can do in Chiang Mai because of all the traffic, but it’s very cheap to rent a bike in this city, and if you venture out of the city in either direction, you will find that the roads are a lot quieter.

Plus of course the hills and mountains surrounding Chiang Mai will give you a challenging and demanding test, whilst rewarding you with spectacular views.


A less rigorous activity is of course walking. As you probably know, it is really easy to walk wherever you want to go if you live in the Old City, and because it is so hot, just a 15-30 minute walk will help burn off a fair amount of calories and keep you in shape.

Hiking And Trekking

If you are an outdoors person, one final option is to take up hiking or trekking because there are lots of opportunities to do these activities outside of Chiang Mai.

These will be very demanding, particularly during the hottest part of the day, but they will definitely help to keep you in good shape.